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About Us

The Fish Slam Club is owned by Lindsay Parker and Daryl Bussard.

Lindsay Parker - grew up in central Utah. He started fishing Salt Creek, Juab County and Fish Creek, Sevier County when he was a very young boy. His father and brother would take him fishing with a spinning rod and worm. As a teenager his family moved to Provo and then Orem, Utah where he fished the Provo River and Utah Lake. He became and accomplished spin fisherman on the Provo using mainly Rapalas. As a young adult he continued as a spin fisherman but picked up fly fishing as well. Lindsay started tying flies and making his own spinners in Junior High. Lindsay moved to southern California to become a doctor where his fishing was more limited due to the distance to prime trout water. Finally, because hunting and fishing was much more difficult in Southern California. He sold his eyecare practise and moved back to Utah. He was a mule deer guide and decided to become a fishing guide, so he knew he had to become much more profecient as a fly fisherman so it was 100 plus days a year on the Provo River until he became an expert on fly fishing The River. Lindsay also owns a fishing lodge in Alaska, the Phoenix Lodge, where he run a full service Deep Sea and Freshwater fishing operations. He has been around the world fishing trout in Argentina and Tarpon in Alaska. So if you are into fishing, come join the Fish Slam Club and get your various slams around the World. 

Darrell Bussard - grew up in Washington state where he has hunted and fished his entire life. He does alot more hunting than he does fishing. That is why he is more involved in the North American Deer Slam (The Fish Slam Club's sister company) than the Fish Slam Club. Darrell like to fish for salmon and steelhead in Washington's ocean and river system.

You can contact Lindsay and Darrell below.